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How to prepare for a Breast Augmentation?

As a busy breast surgery practice we get questions from patients all over the country about a wide variety of issues related to breast augmentation surgery. Over the next year we will address some of the most common questions that we get in our monthly blog posts. In this blog we are going to address the commonly asked question,

“How do I prepare for my breast augmentation surgery?”

How long does it take to recover from breast augmentation?

Recover after breast augmentation surgery is different for everyone. We have patients who are able to go out to dinner the same day as surgery, and some who prefer to stay home for a few days before they are ready to socialize again. Some of the main questions about recovery that patients ask us about:

Does CoolSculpting Have Any Side Effects?

When patients learn about CoolSculpting, they are excited. They want to learn more about how it can help shape and contour their bodies, particularly the way it helps eliminate stubborn fat. But they have other questions as well. They want to know whether the procedure has any risks or negative side effects: a sensible concern. The good news is that CoolSculpting has no long-term side effects. Most side effects fade within a few days or a few weeks following the procedure

Which Breast Implants Give You the Most Natural Look?

The first step to making sure our patients get the results they are hoping for with their breast augmentation is to determine their goals. Some patients want a very subtle change that only they will be aware of. On the other end of the spectrum is those patients who want the world to notice their new implants. Most of our patients ask for a change that gives them more cleavage and fills out their clothes better while still having a natural look.

CoolSculpting vs. Liposuction

You eat right and you work out.  But for some reason, you still can’t get rid of that unwanted fat. To shed those last few pounds, many people turn to their doctors for help. For these patients, doctors often recommend either CoolSculpting or liposuction – two of the most popular body sculpting procedures in the world. Both of these procedures permanently remove unwanted fat, but the way they do it is quite different. Here is a quick breakdown of how each works.

Is CoolSculpting Permanent?

When patients ask us about CoolSculpting, one of the first things they want to know is whether its effects are permanent: “Is the fat gone for good?”The answer is yes; fat treated with CoolSculpting is permanently destroyed. Ordinary weight loss decreases the size of your fat cells, but doesn’t remove them. CoolSculpting permanently kills fat cells and removes them naturally through the lymphatic system.

The SPA at Finesse adds four new beauty procedures

The Spa at Finesse Plastic Surgery is committed to providing patients with cutting-edge health and beauty procedures to restore and rejuvenate their skin. We have added four exciting new beauty procedures designed to even skin tone, promote collagen growth, and smooth over lines, wrinkles, and scars to help you achieve your beauty goals.

Benefits of Lemon Water

What’s the healthiest way to start your day? Eggs? Oatmeal? Orange juice? How about a glass of lemon water? People have been cultivating lemons since the 8th century, but it’s not until recently that they became aware of just how healthy they are. Lemons are a great source of vitamin C, citrate, and flavonoids – three substances that promote health and well-being. Drinking a glass of lemon water every morning is a great way to boost your immune system, prevent kidney stones, and keep you safe from heart disease.

ZO Skin Health & DNA Repairing Enzymes

DNA is a surprisingly fragile molecule. Though it’s essential to all your cells, it takes very little energy to break it apart. Sunlight, pollution, and free radicals damage DNA in over a million skin cells every day, impairing its natural defenses and basic functions. Cells with damaged DNA produce less collagen, less elastin, and fewer antioxidants. They make your skin weak, vulnerable, and prone to wrinkles, freckles, lines, and sunspots. As damage builds, your epidermis becomes thin, allowing red capillaries around your nose, cheeks, and ears to peak through.

How Voluma & Juvederm Facial Fillers Can Help You Look Younger

As people get older, they start to notice a number of changes in their face. The skin starts to sag, the cheeks loose projection, lips lose volume, and wrinkles appear. These are the classic signs of aging. Thanks to Voluma and Juvederm, you can improve or reverse many of these changes with a simple office treatment.