Shaped Implants vs. Round Implants: Which is Right for You?

Shaped Implants vs. Round Implants

Traditionally, patients who were seeking breast augmentation could only have surgery with round implants. This has changed in recent years. Some of the major breast implant companies, such as Allergan, Mentor and Sientra, now offer anatomic shaped silicone implants.

These are sometimes called “gummy bear” or “tear drop” implants. Now that there is a new choice in breast implants, you may be wondering, are shaped implants or round implants right for you?

What are shaped implants?

Anatomic shaped implants differ from round implants in several key aspects. The form of shaped implants gives more projection in the lower part of the implant compared to the upper portion. To maintain the shape, the silicone within shaped implants is more cohesive, and can feel firmer and less natural than the round implants.

Also, shaped implants have a rough textured outer surface. The textured surface sticks to your tissue to prevent the implant from moving but can cause visible rippling of your breasts.

Most patients can get a beautiful, natural result using round implants and avoid the increased risk of rippling and malposition associated with anatomic shaped implants. However, some patients may wish to have more projection in the lower part of their breasts and a more tapered appearance in the upper breast to achieve a more natural result. For these women, anatomic shaped implants may be the better choice.

Every patient considering breast augmentation should discuss their goals with their plastic surgeon. An experienced plastic surgeon can help you to develop an individualized plan and to decide whether shaped implants or round implants are the best choice.

Take the next step and schedule a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon to see if round implants or shaped implants would be best suited for you.

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