Can Using Different Implant Sizes Makes My Breasts More Even?

Can Using Different Implant Sizes Makes My Breasts More Even?

Symmetry rarely occurs in nature. When looking in the mirror, you may notice that your breasts are not exactly the same. They may be different sizes or the areolas may be positioned differently. One breast may be lower or wider than the other. All women experience these differences to a certain degree.

However, sometimes there may be a large discrepancy in the size of breasts that can not only be psychologically distressing, but can also make it difficult to fit comfortably into bras and clothing. For women who desire a more symmetrical appearance, it is possible to use different implant sizes to achieve more even breasts.

Using Implants to Achieve Symmetrical Breasts

Patients considering breast augmentation may use the procedure as an opportunity to even out their breast volume by choosing different implant sizes for a desired appearance. One benefit of saline implants is that the volume is adjustable during the procedure.

Your plastic surgeon can put a precise volume of fluid in each implant to make your breasts as even as possible. Although silicone implants are not adjustable, there is a huge range of implant sizes available in increments from 25 to 50 ccs. Your plastic surgeon can try out several different combinations of implant sizes in the operating room until you get the best possible match.

The best implant sizes for your breasts can be determined during your consultation with a plastic surgeon. One common way of doing this is to place sample implants into a bra over your breasts. This can give you an approximation of what your breast volume may be after your surgery.

Another innovative technique involves taking a 3D picture of your breasts with a special camera (Vectra) and using a computer simulation to give an idea of how different implant sizes would look on you. This can give you a very clear idea of what your breasts can look like after augmentation.

Take the first step and schedule a consultation with one of our board certified plastic surgeons to see if a breast augmentation can help you get the look you want. To learn more about breast augmentation procedures with Finesse Plastic Surgery, please call (714) 978-2445.

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