Scar Reduction & Prevention

Scar Reduction & Prevention

Scars are inevitable. Our goals as plastic surgeons are to deliver you the best results possible with the most inconspicuous scars.  We take great care in planning your procedure to hide the scars whenever possible and to make sure that any visible scar appears as a thin, flat line.  As a patient, there are several steps you can take to make sure you get the best scars possible after your procedure.

Caring for Fresh Wounds to Reduce Scarring

Properly caring for a wound can help to reduce visible scarring.

●Clean cuts and scrapes with soap and water. Avoid substances like harsh soap, hydrogen peroxide, Iodine and alcohol for minor wounds. These irritants may actually delay healing.

●Cover fresh wounds. Covering a cut or scrape prevents bacteria, dirt and other irritants from causing additional harm. Using an antibiotic cream or ointment to keep a fresh wound moist can also prevent scarring.

●Leave scabs alone. Picking at scabs can reopen wounds and introduce bacteria, which can lead to increased scarring.

Strategies for Scar Reduction

For existing scars, there are several strategies you can follow to help reduce their appearance.

●Use sunscreen. Limiting exposure to the sun can prevent scars from becoming too noticeable. When planning outdoor activities in the sun, wear a sunscreen with a sun protection factor of 30 or higher.

●Try silicone gel sheets. Many pharmacies sell silicone gel sheets that are designed to help scars fade and prevent them from getting worse.

●Embrace scar therapy is a relatively new silicone gel product that can take tension off a scar and help to create a nice fine line. This can be especially helpful in cases, such as tummy tucks, where tension across the scar often leads to wide, unattractive scarring.

●Use concealer. A waterproof concealer can reduce the appearance of scars temporarily.

Scar Reduction Procedures

Some patients may consider one of several minimally-invasive procedures that can help to reduce the appearance of scars.

Injectable fillers. Substances like collagen and fat can be injected into sunken scars to improve the contour of the skin.

Dermabrasion. Outer layers of skin are removed during dermabrasion. This can improve the appearance of scars and wrinkles.

Laser resurfacing. Like dermabrasion, outer layers of skin are removed during laser resurfacing procedures to reduce wrinkles and blemishes.

Scar revision surgery. Surgery can be performed to improve the appearance of some scars.

For patients interested in a surgical or non-surgical scar reduction procedure, Finesse Plastic Surgery offers a wide range of services to meet your needs. Schedule a consultation with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons today.

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