Scar Treatments: What Should Patients Know

Scar Treatments: What Should Patients Know

A scar is unavoidable whenever the skin is cut. However, there are many factors that determine how a scar looks after the cut has healed. Even though plastic surgeons excel in using meticulous suturing techniques to close incisions, this is only a small part of what determines the appearance of a scar.

If you are overly concerned about the way a scar looks, there are different measures and scar treatments that can be used to make scars less visible. None of these methods will eliminate the scar, but they can be used to improve its appearance.

Avoid Sun Exposure

Avoiding exposure to the sun exposure is one simple step anyone can take to help a scar heal properly. Sun exposure stimulates pigmentation, which can darken the appearance of a scar. If this happens during the first few months after surgery, while the scar is healing, the dark color can become permanent. To avoid this result, scars should be shielded from the sun. If your scar is in an area that is difficult to conceal, sunscreen should be used whenever you anticipate direct sun exposure.

Silicone Scar Treatments

Silicone gels and sheets can also be employed to prevent scars. Scar treatments using Silicone can begin a few weeks after surgery and should be used for several months to achieve optimal results.

In many cases, this can help flatten and cause it to fade. A relatively new product, Embrace, is a silicone bandage that also relieves tension on the scar. Tension is one of the key factors that can result in a more visible scar. By decreasing tension, it can help ensure a thin scar.

Scar Treatments Using Lasers

Lasers are commonly used to treat sun damage and fine wrinkles by stimulating collagen growth. Through this same mechanism, scar treatments can also use lasers can also be used to improve the appearance of scars by decreasing pigmentation and stimulating growth of new tissue.

Surgical scar revision may be considered if you have healed completely and are dissatisfied with its appearance even after trying other scar treatments. At Finesse Plastic Surgery, we routinely evaluate patients with unsatisfactory scars. During a consultation, one of our physicians will examine your scar and discuss your goals to develop a personalized scar treatment plan. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about scar treatments.

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