Non-Surgical Fat Reduction

Sometimes fat is stubborn and won’t respond to diet or exercise. Liposuction used to be the only answer, but now there is a range of non-surgical, body sculpting techniques that let you slim down and dump the fat. These procedures are completely non-invasive; no incisions required. Side effects are minimal and recovery is fast. Don’t put up with stubborn fat. Get the body you want today.


CoolSculpting lets you permanently eliminate fat by freezing it and disposing of it naturally through a process called panniculitis. Unwanted fat cells are frozen, which causes them to break down and get metabolized by your body. The fat shrinks naturally over several weeks and does not return. There are no side effects and recovery is very short. A single session can reduce fat cells in your trouble areas by 20-25 percent. Get rid of muffin tops, love handles, and belly pooch and enjoy the slim figure you’ve always wanted.

Cool Mini

The Cool Mini is a specialized CoolScuplting device that reduces fat around your chin. It cools fat cells until they crystallize, causing them to break down and get metabolized by your body. Fat deposits shrink naturally over several weeks with little to no side effects. A single session eliminates 20-25 percent of the fat around your neck. Get rid of your double chin and enjoy a sharp, sculpted jawline that projects youth, power, and confidence.

COOL Advantage

The CoolSculpting system has evolved since its inception. With new improvements and more efficiency, it has morphed into CoolAdvantage, delivering the same benefits more effectively and more comfortably.