ZO Skin Health & DNA Repairing Enzymes

ZO Skin Health & DNA Repairing Enzymes

DNA is a surprisingly fragile molecule. Though it’s essential to all your cells, it takes very little energy to break it apart. Sunlight, pollution, and free radicals damage DNA in over a million skin cells every day, impairing its natural defenses and basic functions. Cells with damaged DNA produce less collagen, less elastin, and fewer antioxidants. They make your skin weak, vulnerable, and prone to wrinkles, freckles, lines, and sunspots. As damage builds, your epidermis becomes thin, allowing red capillaries around your nose, cheeks, and ears to peak through. Your cheeks become gaunt and your face becomes rough and dry. It was once thought that these changes were irreversible, but new breakthroughs in DNA repairing enzymes have shown us how to turn back the clock and restore your skin to a more youthful state.

DNA Repairing Enzymes

In 2015, three scientists– Paul L. Modrich, Tomas Lindahl, and Aziz Sanca – split the Noble Prize in Chemistry, awarded for their “mechanistic studies of DNA repair.” It turns out your body isn’t powerless against DNA damage. It produces enzymes that cut out and repair damaged DNA molecules, to prevent your cells from descending into complete chemical disorder. Each of the 2015 Noble Prize winners mapped out a portion of the DNA repair process, which has allowed dermatologists to create a new line of creams designed to counteract DNA damage.

Ossential Daily Defense

ZO Skin Health Ossential

Your body produces fewer DNA repair enzymes as you get older, so some of the damage goes unrepaired, leading to a slow deterioration of your skin. The good news is that modern day science has discovered how to extract replacement enzymes from natural sources. When you apply them to your skin, they boost your body’s natural, erasing damage caused by sunlight, toxins, and free radicals.

ZO Skin Health Ossential Daily Power Defense is one of the first skincare lines to use these enzymes as an essential ingredient. A thin layer applied every morning is enough to heal the damage and clear away redness, spots, and wrinkles. Talk to Finesse Plastic Surgery about DNA repair enzymes. Find out what ZO Skin Health can do to save your skin.

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