Breast Reconstruction on the Rise

Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy

Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy

Breast Reconstruction after Mastectomy Data from The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) reveal that more women are having breast reconstruction following mastectomy surgery. Reconstruction with implants remains the most common form of reconstruction.

According to Dr. Rod Rohrich, Chair of Plastic Surgery at UT Southwestern Medical Center, “I think women in particular are educating themselves more and becoming more interested in learning about their options for breast reconstruction, along with growing awareness of studies showing breast reconstruction improves quality of life. To see that a rise in breast reconstructive surgeries is an important indicator that educational outreach efforts are having an effect.”

At Finesse Plastic Surgery, we continue to build a better practice by listening to our patients’ needs. We offer a wide range of breast surgeries to accommodate your reconstruction and cosmetic goals. For patients who undergo mastectomies there are several ways to reconstruct your breasts to help you feel whole.

BREAST RECONSTRUCTION AFTER MASTECTOMYBreast Reconstruction Following Mastectomy Options

Most of our patients choose implant reconstruction. During the first phase of reconstruction, a temporary device called a tissue expander is placed under the muscle and is used to create new skin after the mastectomy. The expander gets fluid added to it during your regular office visits, and after several months gets replaced with a permanent implant. The implant can be saline or silicone, and can either be round or shaped.

The other major type of reconstruction performed after mastectomy is flap surgery. A flap surgery involves using tissue from one part of your body to rebuild another part. For the breast, we commonly use the extra skin and fat on your lower belly. This is the same tissue we remove during a tummy tuck. The result is a natural appearing breast and a flatter belly.

Breast Reconstruction after Lumpectomy Options

There are also reconstruction options available to patients who choose lumpectomy (breast conservation therapy also known as partial mastectomy). The type of reconstructions offered to these patients depends on the size of the breast, the location of the cancer, and the patient’s desired goal.

The most common plastic procedure we perform for patients having lumpectomy is breast reduction surgery. Doing a breast reduction at the same time as the cancer surgery often allows for a larger margin of tissue to be removed around the cancer, potentially leading to a better outcome. Decreasing breast size can also help with radiation therapy, as well as assisting certain physical problems by alleviating neck and back pain.

Breast Reconstruction Following Mastectomy Consultation

During your consultation with one of our plastic surgeons, you will learn about all of the reconstruction options available, have all your questions answered, and receive a personalized treatment plan.

Call today to schedule your consultation with the skilled and caring surgeons at Finesse Plastic Surgery.

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